As a regional distribution company, A&D Transport Ltd, whose primary business focus is UK deliveries by road takes the responsibility towards reducing the impact it makes on the environment seriously.
We are committed to an ongoing programme of continuous improvement in our policies and as a result this policy will be reviewed at least every 12 months to ensure that we exceed standards set out in legislation in areas of compliance and also to take full advantage of advancements in the new technology.
More specifically, on a day- to-day level we will ensure the impact we make is limited by:

  • Training all our drivers in ‘Green Driving’, as defined by the Freight Transport Association
  • Efficient route planning, using in-cab technology and office-based software.
  • Using a preferred supplier, to ensure that used tyres and motor parts are disposed of appropriately and recycled where possible.
  • Having a planned system for vehicle and equipment checks and maintenance, to ensure that functionality is maintained at the most efficient level and therefore fuel efficiency is optimised
  • Promoting a cross company ethos of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, as far as is reasonably practical.

Our Ethical Principles:

  • We will utilise and promote the use of clean, green and recycled materials whenever possible, and we will work with our employees, customers and suppliers to ensure that all waste is disposed of in line with legal and environmental requirements.
  • We will minimise consumption of natural resources, including energy, water and raw materials, as far as is economically practicable.
  • We will assess the environmental impact on all current and likely future operations, and fully integrate environmental considerations and objectives into our business decisions.
  • We will choose, and encourage our clients to use, low carbon logistics wherever possible.
  • We use company vehicles with low CO2 emissions wherever possible.
  • We recognise the potential local impact of our activities.  We will therefore strive to minimise noise and visual intrusion and endeavour to take into account local community environmental concerns.
  • We will not ship, and are not licenced to work with, firearms, weapons or ammunition.
  • We do not ship waste and scrap technology logistics (computers and devices).

Our Goal
The achievement of business growth, without compromising the quality of the environment.



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26th March 2018

I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite.

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